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    Charlie Chao

    My name is Charlie, I am a 31 years old ace man.

    My case is special. I fully respect all the asexual lifestyle. I myself care more about connections on emotional level. I can accept hugging cuddling and kissing on the cheeks but I respect you if you do not want to do that.

    I can’t lie. I feel extremely lonely since the covid season started. I wish I could have someone around me in my house and I can build a life with him/her.

    I am intelligent and hard working. I am also active. I would label myself as “muscular” and I hit the gym regularly. One of my dreams is to build a personal gym in my garage! But don’t get me wrong, I am a geek too. I play games, I program on my computer, and I enjoy good shows. I have a PhD in computer science and I am working in a promising career.

    I am a first generation immigrant. Being fresh off the boat could make the dating more difficult but I am optimistic that I am lovable.

    I am asian, 6’0, 188lbs with an athletic build. I am open to make or female. Friends are good too. Please shoot me a message if you are interested.


    Hi Charlie, I’m not in the Philadelphia area but I read your post and wanted to suggest that if you’re on Facebook, there are several ace groups on there where you might be able to post this and have some luck. Cheers!

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