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    Hey guys (the general term, not meant to exclude girls :-P),

    Any of you been watching AHS? Last Wednesday was the season finale of season 3: Coven. As I’ve experienced with all seasons so far the finale was a bit disappointing.

    What I think of the series so far:

    Season 1: best story
    Season 2: best episodes
    Season 3: best characters

    But each of the season also had their own faults

    Season 1: bad finale (I didn’t know it would be a theme for the series (for me))
    Season 2: too many things going on at the same time
    Season 3: So many themes going on throughout the season (Witches, Voodoo, Witchhunters, the neighbors, Madame Lalaurie, Papa Legba) and then ending on the weakest one (the seven wonders).

    Tell me what you think of the show.


    I completely agree, season one had a definitive plot line, you knew they had planned ahead. Season two, was good in its own way, but waaaay too much. Should’ve picked one big bad, and stuck with it. Season there’s finale felt lazy too me, and too many people died and came back.

    Was stupidly delighted when Misty have Madison an almighty smack down haha, she was such an irritating character. I honestly couldn’t see a difference between season one’s Violet and season three’s Zoe, same character, different name. I feel the same with Jessica Lange in every season, brilliant, don’t get me wrong. But it’s a the same character, every season.
    I was told the other day that season four is going to be set in a circus, thoughts ?


    Autocorrect is the bane of my existence…

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