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    My credit score is up 12 points this month! I’m actually up 75 points since January. I started building credit with a 485 score lol ..I hit a fico score of 628 briefly before I made a mistake when I opened a new credit account and got docked like 38 points ☹️ credit building is fun!

    My next credit line I think will be Fingerhut. I could use something nice and new. I gotta treat myself. I still cant open any bank accounts because of what’s in my consumer report lol. However next Friday I should be able to make a move and add 40ish points to my credit score plus the points from my new credit accounts and my current line of credit.
    Either you have perfect credit or no credit…no in-between! I never carry a balance and use credit as a tool, not a way to survive financially.

    I’m really bored right now….just really excited about building good credit to mortgage my first home next year 🙂

    Yay playing games with the monetary system!!!

    Peridot Flare

    Congrats on your great work!

    My credit score tanked in 2015. I had to file bankruptcy after dealing with a cancer diagnosis and a string of jobs that went to shit. It sucks having to claw your way back, but those upward jumps in credit score sure feel good!

    I hope to qualify for a home loan by the end of 2020.

    Stay awesome, Trevor. 😀


    Im going to try a home loan at the end of the year too! We can do it together 😅 . It’s funny how something stupid can ruin credit. whoever “they” are…they docked my score 40ish points because I accidentally carried a balance and auto payed my minimum balance.

    This game is cruel…unforgiving…relentless…

    But yeah where I live I can snag a starter-home for 25k perfect houses for single little me. I can toss 30% down no problem and get a good monthly payment and pay it off in 4 years than flip it for a profit. Or so that’s the plan.

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