Reply To: Your paranormal experiences


Wow, that’s amazing! Wish I could see the picture c:

I had a several experiences in my home.It’s a lot better now, since my ex and I broke up, during the time when we were together haunting was more active. From things falling and disappearing to kitchen shelves opening and closing. We both experienced this so he could tell you that this flat is haunted.
This one time I was in the shower. Here is a little curtain covering the shelves, no wind, or anything else, I turned to it and saw this curtain being poked from the side of the shelves. That didn’t scare me because I’m already used to such things, but at that moment I really got serious about the haunted flat thing.
There were more things I could share, but I keep forgetting them, if I haven’t seen this curtain thing I would still be thinking that it’s only my imagination. I don’t find this scary or bad, the ghost has not harmed anyone. :]

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