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1: I’m an aesthetic aesexual – I admire beauty in males and females both, but have utterly no desire for sex or romance with either gender. (It kind of annoys me that this site requires you to choose what you’re ‘looking for’, males or females. What about neither? Or both?) So why am I here? Companionship. In ‘real life’, society is set up so that friendships are broken by marriages, relegated to snippets of ‘catchup’ time. If you’re a sexual person, you hunt for another sexual person to marry. I’m aesexual, hunting for another aesexual person. I don’t want romance, although genuine fondness/love is something that develops naturally over time. I have no real preference for male or female partners, but ‘internet caution’ would have me choose female when pushed.

2: I live in Australia and would love a ‘relationship’ with someone outside my country and culture. Companionship is ideal, but I wouldn’t be adverse to marrying a foreigner for the financial advantages and to gain dual citizenship. 😉 I have access to Australia and the entire UK already, if someone wants to live or work there but currently can’t. 😉

3: Age doesn’t really matter for marriage, but companionship is likely to be found around my own age, a couple of decades either side, simply for shared interests.

4: I don’t want kids. Birthing my own is out of the question, but adoption (or IVF for my partner) is negotiable.

5: I love travel, gaming, reading, writing, gardening and gadgets. I’m not very social, although I can fake it as needed. I like art and history, quality food (although I rarely treat myself) and either CBD living or country living – never suburban.

I am unapologetically honest, but not the sort where rudeness is excused as honesty. I can come off a little intense about things, but I’m pretty easy-going in daily life.

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