Reply To: Kids


Such a great topic! I want a child very much (I even included the topic in my “about me” section). I do want my own biological child though. And I would love to have a husband to have the child half them too. We would probably have to do where they give a “sample” and then it is put in me because I am so very asexual haha. But with a partner would be great. That said… I am starting to think it wont happen. I think I am going to resort to being a single mother by choice. Luckily I have a very supportive family.

How about you? Would you resort to adopting on your own? I think the sex talk would get awkward for both of us haha. Then again I tend to know a lot about the subject. Seriously, I find myself explaining things to people a lot or giving advice. Maybe because I am outside the situation it is easier to learn about… some how. Though I foresee my future teenager yelling at me something like “How can you tell me I cant if you dont even know about it!!”…. Maybe just cross that bridge when it comes lol

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