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Hi everybody! I had an awful sort of business trip to several towns located in the frontier of Bolivia and Brazil. The experience was pretty much what I expect hell to be like, if there is a hell. Basically, no decent internet connection, a 35 c. temperature (it’s like 95 fahrenheit) along with 90% humidity, mosquitoes the size of a ping-pong ball which the native people called “marigûis” but I call “nature’s revenge on human kind”, not a vegan-friendly place at all, on my last week there I had to eat cow gizzard and grilled chicken hearts, because our hostess would’ve been offended otherwise.
Anyway, with the trip and the holidays following it, I wasn’t able to write in the group and I apologize for that. I really hope you haven’t lost interest in this.
So, I have plenty of time to watch movies now, so I’m going to do a marathon of the japanese movies tonight. By the way, I watched Dead Sushi with a couple of friends and plenty of beer yesterday and it was a blast. You are right, Stephanie, it gets way better when you have someone to mock it with.
Oh! and also Happy Holidays to everyone, I hope you have an amazing 2014!

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