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I discovered I was likely asexual during my freshman year of college (only 2-3 years ago). I had come across the term online when noticing that some people identified as asexual and I looked it up out of curiosity and found out that the term described me pretty well! I can still remember back when I was going into high school and all my friends were talking about losing their virginity and I was confused as to why they were so excited. I mean, it’s obviously a pretty important time in your life if your not ace, but it wasn’t something that ever appealed to me and actually made me kind of squeamish to think about since I was too afraid to even use a tampon (and still am!), let alone the thought of anything bigger than that! It was just kind of an overwhelming thought at the time and I even avoided dating anyone at the time because of the dread that they would eventually want that. I thought maybe I was just a late bloomer and eventually it would be something I wanted, but once I hit college I figured that maybe I was just weird. So I was happy to finally find an identity that I felt comfortable with.

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