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Years ago, at school, classmates were talking about how many boys they kissed, making lists etc. They kept asking me about my experiences and the truth was, I didn’t have any. But I had no interest in ever kissing or having sex either.

In fact, when I signed up for a dating site, the thought of “having to have” sex never crossed my mind. I was in a relationship with a sexual man for three years, unfortunately we couldn’t make it work in the end. I had sex for him, but everytime I didn’t feel like it, I had a sense of guilt. And I just couldn’t handle feeling like that anymore. Now we are just friends. He deserves someone who can make him happy in that department as well.

Now I have become more active on the Dutch aven forum, and I decided never to date sexual people again. Now I just have to find the right person for me 🙂 But it’s hard!

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