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Sounds like you put value on what women also value in relationships (I think). I can’t actually speak for most women since I’m partially transmale. It’s what I value anyway. Since I’m asexual there’s no libido pressure to grab the nearest willing person but I also want to find someone who matches me as much as possible, for companionship and perhaps more later on. I’m not a typical female so I’m not for most straight men, but this is a big world, so someone out there must be right for me.

In my (limited) experience, most straight males are seeking 1. sex 2. food 3. someone to run their affairs and organize their lives…but they want as young and pretty a female as they can afford. Usually the taller, bustier and blonder the better also. Intelligence, humor, education and ambition are actually considered threatening liabilities.

If I wanted to make an annoying male disappear, usually all I had to do was to say something intelligent.

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