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Ha, sound like a “dream man” to us. Who wouldn’t like a man to take us out to fun places and never put pressure on us for sex? Sounds PERFECT.
For most normal, straight women friends I know also, who seem to only “put out” to be able to also get the benefits of dates, cuddling.

Since I have both female and male hormone mapping in my brain, the two genders tend to cancel each other out. I also am attracted initially to any gender or gender blend, but before I can imagine anything sexual, I feel revulsion. But I’m demisexual. After a year or more of close association with someone I can finally start to feel sexual attraction.

If that’s your case, you might get away with it. Just say that you decided to avoid premarital sex, and that should take away any performance expectations (it works for me, at any rate). If/when your libido kicks in you can move forward with the relationship, but if it never happens you can say it’s “not working for me” and you want to just be friends.

I think most women would settle for a long foot rub and some snuggling anyway. Sounds good to ME!

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