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Well, I discovered the term “asexual” two years ago, but I suspected to be an ace since age 13. I never got that interested in sex, even I fell in love a couple of time in my life and worried more about emotions than physical process to achieve a relationship. Both ended in dissapointments, the first so was heart-breaking I’ve never been the same person.

I had a self-sexual period when I was a teenagers,

I tried to find an answer on the net in special websites about sex and porn when I was a teenager, to check out if I was weird, I also had a self-sexual period, thanks to the hormones revolution, but nothing else after that. However, it helped me to learn and not being defenceless if this topic is ever mentioned, I even pull out all my modesty when talking about it.

Two years ago, I found a blog where asexuality was mentioned, but it was 6 months ago when I discovered AVEN, read about asexuality and felt identified. How ironic that blog was about anti-sex.

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